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A Tale on Python List and Functions II - Lambda, map, reduce and filter

Hello my Pythoneers, now we have come to the awesome part of List, where we can make cool things applying Map, Filter, Reduce. If you just came here and did not see the last part here I give a link on Part I. So now let's begin with the first Built-in function. Map
What is map? Map is a Python Built-in function that we can use to apply another function on each element of a sequence to produce another sequence. I see, what is so cool about this? Well you significantly reduce your amount of code by creating new list without iterating over others. But this code reduction is not achieved if we don't cover first anonymous functions, wait what? Anonymous? Anonymous Functions
Anonymous functions are those functions that can be created in line with the code that requires a function to be executed. Normally functions are defined by using a name to differentiate it from variables and other functions, anonymous functions doesn't required this name specification (I think that's why th…

Scripting Python with LabVIEW

Hello my Pythoneers, in this set of entries I will explain the hard way where you can integrate Python Scripts in NI LabVIEW, but why the hard way? Because the easy way costs $749. Yes that’s right my friends, you can easily integrate Python with LabVIEW using a tool called Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW.
But you came here to find a way where you can use Python within LabVIEW with no cost at all, yes that’s right my friends, Python is and always will be, a free and open source tool for professional development of systems, so why to pay almost $800? There is no why; you just need to learn some practices to achieve what you have been looking for.
So let’s jump right into it. Here is the section titles in which these entries in divided by. Problem definition.Architecture in LabVIEW/Python Integration.Turning Python into a Windows Executable.Executing Windows Executable through LabVIEW.Gathering all things up
Problem Definition
If you are using LabVIEW and Python it is really possible …

A Tale on Python List and Functions I

Hello my Pythoneers, in this entry I’m going to talk (with some examples) about Python List and how you can combine the Built-in Python Functions Map, Reduce and Filter to create awesome functions (Well not awesome I mean great functions). So let’s get started in here; Python List is a Data Type Built-in with Python, that means they already comes with the Python installation. This Data Type is one of the Data Types that works as a sequence, that is a set of values in a sequence, being Python dynamically typed you can create sequences of every data type value, such as Integers, Float, Strings, but also you can create sequences of custom data types such as Python Objects, but that’s not all, you can have a List of Lists also, and even a list of Dictionaries (Which we’ll discuss in later entries), and even better as Python being dynamically types you can have in the List different kinds of values, that is you can have in the same List a mix between Strings, Integers and Floats; Well this …

Introduction to Python Tales

Hello my friends, my name is Nelson Carrasquel, and perhaps as you I have the philosophy of coding for life, since 2013 when I started programming with Python (I have started before in 2008 with Delphi and some Visual Basic, but that is my dark past) my value as a Developer really increased due to the things that I found that could be possible with Python, now Python (with some Javascript) are the core languages for almost every challenge that I face in the programming world. I am a Chemical Engineer graduated from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 2015, was working as an engineer for almost two years for an Automation and Control Systems Company, programming with LabVIEW almost all the time, but also I was tutoring as a part time job, helping students from all around the world (Not all the world but all the America) in their Python and Javascript assignments and projects; I found out that I really enjoy teaching and tutoring programming languages, and from that on I was kin…