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Friday, May 12, 2017

Introduction to Python Tales

Hello my friends, my name is Nelson Carrasquel, and perhaps as you I have the philosophy of coding for life, since 2013 when I started programming with Python (I have started before in 2008 with Delphi and some Visual Basic, but that is my dark past) my value as a Developer really increased due to the things that I found that could be possible with Python, now Python (with some Javascript) are the core languages for almost every challenge that I face in the programming world.
I am a Chemical Engineer graduated from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 2015, was working as an engineer for almost two years for an Automation and Control Systems Company, programming with LabVIEW almost all the time, but also I was tutoring as a part time job, helping students from all around the world (Not all the world but all the America) in their Python and Javascript assignments and projects; I found out that I really enjoy teaching and tutoring programming languages, and from that on I was kind of searching a way of sharing my work and my knowledge, so first I decided to create my own freelancer web page, which you can find on, and you can find me also in social media with the same name on facebook and twitter (and instragram).

But it was until May of 2017 when I decided to share my experiences with this beautiful and incredible language through this blogs and its entries. So what are you really going to find in this Blog? Well, different kind of things, but I promise you that in every blog entry you will get to see Python code, Cool right?

One of the things that I would like to show, is how I solved different kind of programming problems implementing Python and Data Structures, so you can get to know as a Python Beginner (or not) my approach on solving this problems (perhaps comment with me some alternatives). Sometimes I will write about a specific Python Topic and just code and comment on some examples (such as Python Objects or Pattern Designs), in other times I will explain the use of some really high level (but high difficult) cool libraries and modules, believe me you won’t get to know everything about Python, but you can get to know a new thing every day.

So follow me on this adventure, tell your friends and family; and I’m sure we can all learn a lot programming with Python.

P.S.: What do you think about the Blog name, Python Tales, get it? Python? Tails?... No? well my mistake.