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Introduction to Python Tales

Hello my friends, my name is Nelson Carrasquel, and perhaps as you I have the philosophy of coding for life, since 2013 when I started programming with Python (I have started before in 2008 with Delphi and some Visual Basic, but that is my dark past) my value as a Developer really increased due to the things that I found that could be possible with Python, now Python (with some Javascript) are the core languages for almost every challenge that I face in the programming world. I am a Chemical Engineer graduated from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 2015, was working as an engineer for almost two years for an Automation and Control Systems Company, programming with LabVIEW almost all the time, but also I was tutoring as a part time job, helping students from all around the world (Not all the world but all the America) in their Python and Javascript assignments and projects; I found out that I really enjoy teaching and tutoring programming languages, and from that on I was kin…

Python Best Seller Books

Hello my friends, I have taught you the ways that you can learn Python Programming through the Internet with Online Courses, but there is other way that you can learn from the best at writing about Python, and that is through Python best seller books, these are the books that gained their reputation by the readers reviews, in other terms they are really recommended to learn from reading, if you are that kind of person that rather choose reading a good book instead of watch videos onilne, you have come to the right place, here  I show you a list of the best sellers books about Python that you could find on Amazon at a very low price
Python Best Seller Books

You can click on any of these images that will take you to amazon.com
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