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Friday, September 1, 2017

Python Free Books

Hello my friends in an earlier post I talked about some dive deep Python Books that you could purchase to start learning Python, you can check that entry in this link, and now I have decided to write this entry to give you a list of online and free Python books.

These books are supposed to be hosted documentation; they are written in restructured text (reStructuredText) and translated into beautiful HTML or PDF with a tool called Sphinx.
This documentation format is supposed to be used for writing your own packages and modules documentation, but experts also use them to write practical books and tutorials of different languages and they can be uploaded and hosted for free in different online platforms, one of them is read the docs website.

So I have gathered a list of available books based on these and categorize them so you can choose which one start to read based on your needs.

·         Basic Python
1.       Python for you and me
2.       Python Practice Book

·         Intermediate Python
1.       Intermediate Python

·         Advanced Python

·         Web Development with Python
1.       Django Book
2.       How to Tango with Django
3.       Explore Flask
4.       Bottle

·         Scientific Computation with Python
1.       Scipy Cookbook

A total of 14 free online books for every need, in each of the links you will find the main web of the book, in each you can download the complete book in PDF format, using a tooltip menu on the left bar. I have read several of them but I really recommend for each category Python Practice Book, Intermediate Python and Python 3 Patterns, once you have read them in that same order they will become reference point, in the others would be much easier to understand and for starting learning web development I strongly recommend that you start with the Bottle Framework, and from there you can either choose Django or Flask, both are very powerful.

If you are studying engineering or physics and scientific computation is your strong, I recommend you to start with Python Practice Book just for the basics and jump right after to Scipy Cookbook.

So this is it my friends I hope you have found this entry useful, if you find another book that can be added to this list feel free to comment about it in the comment section, best regards.