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Introduction to Python Tales

Hello my friends, my name is Nelson Carrasquel, and perhaps as you I have the philosophy of coding for life, since 2013 when I started programming with Python (I have started before in 2008 with Delphi and some Visual Basic, but that is my dark past) my value as a Developer really increased due to the things that I found that could be possible with Python, now Python (with some Javascript) are the core languages for almost every challenge that I face in the programming world. I am a Chemical Engineer graduated from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 2015, was working as an engineer for almost two years for an Automation and Control Systems Company, programming with LabVIEW almost all the time, but also I was tutoring as a part time job, helping students from all around the world (Not all the world but all the America) in their Python and Javascript assignments and projects; I found out that I really enjoy teaching and tutoring programming languages, and from that on I was kin…


Hello my friends, this the Python Tutor blog editor and content developer, it has been a real joy to write and edit these blog entries for you, and I want to keep doing this for you my friends, and become a better content developer and deliver the most trendy topics in Python Programming; but this takes time and resources, in this order we have opened a space for receiving donations through paypal so we can continue our operations delivering the most rich and valuable content for you, our Python enthusiast, a paypal me link is below so you can choose the amount that you consider fair enough.

For acknowledgment in our future entries you can contact us through the contact page, and send us the donation detail. Cheers my friends and keep coding every day